Fudo Myo-o Framed poster

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Fudo Myo-o The Immovable Protector


Renowned among warriors for his unyielding determination to protect the faithful.

He holds the sword of wisdom in his right hand to cut through delusion and sever the fetters of past error.

He holds the rope of truth in his left hand to restrain the passions and secure us to the path of right action.

His fierce gaze and snarling face remind us to ever be mindful of our thoughts, intentions, and behavior.

The flames behind him purify any impurities and recycle our energies for noble purposes.

He sits on a meteor to remind us of our connection with the entire Universe and Cosmic Consciousness.

Make Fudo a part of your contemplative practice to access these larger than life qualities.

• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Black .75” thick frame
• Acrylite front protector
• Lightweight
• Hanging hardware included