Money, Militia, and the Market: Three Elements to Secure Liberty eBook

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A free market includes sound money, and both require security from an armed, organized, and disciplined population actively involved in upholding universal standards of justice, also known as common law. When understood as placing We The People at the beginning and end of the cycle of self-government, the Second Amendment takes on even greater importance in maintaining constitutional order. All three, sound money, citizen-militia, and free markets are indispensable to securing the blessings of liberty in the present and for posterity. They mutually reinforce each other as intersecting pillars in a framework of sustainable political-economy, the science of social harmony and human flourishing. For those seeking to extinguish political corruption, financial impoverishment, cultural degradation, and social strife, restoring money, militia, and the market is essential. The ideas in this short book offer the surest path to fulfilling the promise of peace and prosperity through liberty.

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