Healing Through Feeling - Enhanced

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Training the mind is an essential part of successful living. Everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences trauma. The memory of these events gets embedded into the fabric of our being. On some level, at the very least, the energy of experience becomes etched into the essence of who we are. The human mind and body are really just one integrated, holistic system and the record of our lives, consisting of both positive and negative experiences, remains within our carbon-based being. This is why the adage about learning, feeling, or knowing something in “our bones” rings true. Every experience we’ve ever had is somehow embedded in our mind-body system. No matter how traumatic an experience may have been and regardless of how deeply embedded the memory may be, shining the light of awareness onto the energy that locks it in place will stimulate a release.

You can heal!

This guided process unlocks that energy and restores your natural joy.

  • Transmute trauma into personal power.
  • Heal unresolved issues in mind, body, or spirit.
  • Reframe memories, fears, or anxieties, into strengths.
  • Unleash your potential using any experience as a springboard.

Session length: 12 minutes

Instant download package includes .mp3 audio and PDF instructional guide.