The Way of Justice: Vital Principles of American Martial Art eBook

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A concise framework for understanding justice, dignity, and how humanity can live in peace and security by upholding the ideals of the American republic; a governmental system dependent upon a citizenry disciplined in martial art, committed to liberty, and actively pursuing the Good Life.

The Way of Justice provides a moral compass for knowing what is right and how to live with integrity, propriety, and a keen sense of civic duty. It offers a code of conduct that values individual rights and social good: Never Aggress. Never Submit.

- Learn how Justice, Propriety, and Dignity are vital to fulfilling the American Dream.
- See how martial art is essential to defending justice and countering aggression.
- Connect Reason, Empathy, Love, Free Will, Free Markets with the Pursuit of Happiness.
- Understand how the Second Amendment is the indispensable element in the US Constitution.
- Learn the scientific method for evaluating Justice and how to secure a free State.

The Way of Justice: Vital Principles of American Martial Art lights the path to personal clarity and a thriving, harmonious society by defending the highest political and social good: Liberty.

Instantly downloadable .zip package includes PDF and ePub files.  54 pages.